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Pair jailed for robbery

Two men have been jailed after police linked them to a spate of burglaries around London, Kent, Surrey and Buckinghamshire, reports.

Flying Squad detectives linked Stephen Shields and Jamie Kelly to a total of eight offences, which included stealing money from a cash machine as it was being refilled.

Other crimes included theft from a jewellery shop, stealing vehicles, forging number plates and laundering the stolen money.

The two men, from Westminster, pleaded guilty at Harrow Crown Court of committing robbery and conspiring to commit commercial robbery. In total the pair were jailed for 13 years and nine months.

The pair were caught when the Metropolitan Police's Flying Squad detectives set up Operation Amazake to gather forensic information related to the burglaries. Once the men were discovered, police searched their homes and found a number of cars and "significant exhibits".

Detective Chief Inspector Henry Hannigan, who is in charge of the Flying Squad based at Finchley told of the result: "I am pleased with the convictions and sentences given to these two men. Such was the amount of evidence gathered against them by the Flying Squad that they had no option but to plead guilty.

"We are committed to using our expertise and professionalism, often working with other force areas, to ensure we bring perpetrators to justice."

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