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Organisations on board with Olympic tools, says Transport Commissioner

Nearly 400 firms have embraced Transport for London's (TfL) logistical tools in advance of the London 2012 Olympics.

London's transport commissioner, Peter Hendy, has applauded those that are already taking their business preparations seriously - considering the games are little more than nine months away.

Addressing the London Assembly, he said that some half a million employees - potentially from businesses as diverse as event planning, to cash in transit providers - are already benefiting from TfL's advice.

He recognised that while "no two days will be the same" during the London 2012 Games, every firm can benefit from the bespoke travel advice, online tools and training workshops provided by TfL.

"I am confident London will provide the stage for the greatest games we've ever seen," he told assembly and council members, reported. "But I also know that this is a huge logistical challenge that will rely on everyone working together.

"No two days will be the same during the London 2012 Games and we need London's borough councils to work together - and with us - to ensure we host a great Games and keep our city moving next summer."

According to, Hendy added that TfL is listening and working with London's boroughs and businesses closely to address their concerns about their profitability during the games.

As a result of this dialogue, more detailed transport information has been added to TfL's "one-stop-shop" online planner and will continue to be all the way up until the event.

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