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Olympics security "largest challenge" police have faced

The police arranging the security for the Olympics 2012 have said it has been the "largest challenge" they have ever faced.

The challenge has been so large that the National Policing Improvement Agency has had to cancel any training it had booked in for the period during which the event will take place, in order to free up members of the police.

The police force will have a mammoth task during the Games, ensuring that not only participants and the public are safe, but that businesses are free to protect themselves too - perhaps using increased security or cash-in-transit services during the busy period.

What's more, courts officials have warned that hearings of alleged criminals could be delayed if the courts are forced to close. As many judges have reportedly been asked to take their annual leave during the Olympics, this could be a possibility.

As such, revealed: "Negotiations between the Association of Chief Police Officers and the courts service have begun, with the aim of assessing the impact of the Games on the capital and other parts of the country."

However a spokesperson for the courts service confirmed why it was considering closing down, stating: "We are examining how the likely travel disruption might affect court users getting to and from courts. If a decision is made to reduce hearings, we will ensure that rescheduled cases will be dealt with quickly.

"All urgent cases will be dealt with as normal," the representative added and was cited by

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