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Olympics provides ideal excuse to improve working practices

Employers are using the London Olympics 2012 as a reason to consider and invest in modern working solutions, so as to minimise the predicted business disruption that the event could cause, The Telegraph reports.

For months now, employers have been asked to take steps to prepare for the impact of millions of visitors to the country, especially those based in London.

The call has been made in order that businesses can reduce any negative implications and reap the benefits.

As such, some companies have been using the world's greatest sporting championship to test out new ways of working, including logging on from home or using flexible hours. Many hope these measures will make their operations 'more resilient' going forward.

However, it would appear that plenty of businesses in the UK have not taken any preparatory steps, 'refusing to see what the fuss is all about' according to Richard Kauntze of the British Council for Offices. Their research suggests that just ten per cent of employees will be given the opportunity to work at home and avoid delays.

Working flexible hours could also help get around the feared internet performance issues, that have been reported by BBC News.

The Internet Service Providers' Association has warned that constant tweeting and the watching of streamed live content could cause a 'massive hit on the infrastructure'. Staggering usage might lessen the negative effects.

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