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Olympics budget to date revealed

Although the total security bill for the Olympic Games 2012 is as yet unknown, a sports writer has revealed what exactly has been spent on it to date.

According to David Bond, writing for the sports page on, some £1.2 billion has been spent so far on making the event secure.

He revealed how the extraordinary amount had been split up since Britain began planning for the games in 2007; stating that £282 million has been allocated to securing venues. £270 million went towards keeping security tight during construction of the Olympic Park and £238 million has been put in place for "security contingency".

What's more, Bond confirmed said £475 million had been spent on "policing and wider security".

The writer went on to say: "The overall number will rise significantly when ministers sign off a major review of venue security next week. But organisers and government officials say there is more than enough cash in the contingency pot to cover it."

In fact, in a press release published back in July, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport revealed that there is some £6.43 million available for overspend purposes.

It forms part of the entire £9.29 billion made available for the Games, reported.

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