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Olympic torch relay route announced

Only 126 days to go, this week the official “Torch Relay” route was announced.

The torch relay starts on 19th May and travels 8000 miles - torchbearers will carry the Flame through more than 1,000 cities, towns and villages in the UK.

Torchbearers were chosen by public nomination and an average of 115 of them each day will carry the Olympic flame on its 8,000-mile journey to the Olympic Stadium, where it will arrive for the opening ceremony of the games on July 27.

The route of the torch, which takes in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern and the Republic of Ireland, and the Channel Islands, means the torch will go within 10 miles of over 95% of the population.

Details of the torch's final two days travelling through London will be confirmed at a later date for security reasons.

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