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Olympic Torch Relay begins

The Olympic flame landed in the UK on Friday 18th ready for the London 2012 torch relay after being flown from Athens, Greece.

David Beckham used it to light a cauldron after the plane, also carrying Princess Anne and LOCOG chair Lord Coe, arrived at a Cornish air base.

Flight BA2012, a gold-coloured A319 named The Firefly, was greeted at RNAS Culdrose by cheering crowds.

After the welcoming ceremony, the flame flew on Saturday to Land's End for the start of an 8,000 mile relay. The 70-day Relay started at the Land’s End landmark signpost at 7.08am on 19 May.

The 8000 mile route of the torch, which takes in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern and the Republic of Ireland, and the Channel Islands, means the torch will go within 10 miles of over 95% of the population.

Details of the torch's final two days travelling through London will be confirmed at a later date for security reasons.


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