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Olympic security "a stage higher" at the Millennium Stadium

Cardiff's Millennium Stadium will employ the tightest ever security measures for the London Olympics 2012, general manager Gerry Toms has claimed.

Toms' comments were made in the wake of the recent Boat Race débâcle, BBC News reports, wherein a man managed to break through security barriers and swim into the path of the canoes; narrowly missing being hit by the rowers' oars.

Telling BBC Radio Wales that he had "a great deal of sympathy" for the race organisers, Mr Toms asserted that security surrounding the stadium, which will host the first Games event, will be greater than normal while allowing spectators a good view of the action.

Working together with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Locog), Mr Toms said that there were over 40 different contingency plans in place, all tried and tested.

"The level of security of the Olympics will be a stage higher and we've been working very closely with Locog and we've been doing that for 18 months to make sure that we get the right balance about allowing the public the right to enjoy the Games," he said.

A spokesman for the Home Office reasserted that the government's priority was to "deliver a safe and secure Games", which will no doubt encompass measures to prevent pitch invaders right through to pick pockets and ticket fraudsters.

"We are working to a robust and comprehensive safety and security strategy," the spokesman told Press Association, "We want to reassure everyone that we will leave nothing to chance in our aim to deliver a Games that London, the UK and the whole world will enjoy."

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