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Olympic security exercise to take place

2,500 people are to take part in a security test in preparation for the London Olympics 2012, BBC News reports.

The exercise will simulate an attack of the London Underground. It was designed to check the efficiency of current security measures, the emergency services and communication channels.

Called 'Exercise Forward Defensive', the two-day test will take place around the disused Aldwych tube station at Surrey Street. The road will also be closed to traffic.

Without leaving anything to chance, the organisers want to ensure that the Games' security measures work properly. Those involved will be asked to assume that an incident has taken place on August 8th and 9th - right in the middle of the Olympics.

"We need to be confident that we have the right people in the right places, that we understand how others operate and that we are talking to each other at the right levels and in the right way," explained Met Police assistant commissioner, Chris Allison, who heads up Olympic security.

According to The Guardian, some 12,000 police officers will be on duty during the busiest days of Olympics and Paralympics. A further 13,500 military officers will also be in attendance.

Allison confirmed that the operation will highlight the intricate co-operation between City Hall, Transport for London, the government, the emergency services, counter-terrorism units and Olympic organisers.

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