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Olympic organisers plan torch relay rehearsal

The London Olympics 2012 torch relay rehearsal is to take place on April 20th, Sporting Life reports.

In order that the organisers can test every last detail ahead of the 8,000-mile main event on May 10th, a full dress rehearsal will take place between Leicester and Peterborough; stretching some 80 miles.

It will cover rural and urban routes, but the flame will remain unlit. The relay is designed to test all of the convoy, crew and communications procedures.

One of the main areas that the rehearsal will test is "convoy splits" - where the torch bearer is separated from the ensuing convoy by taking a route or using transport that the convoy cannot take, i.e. boat or train.

Also to be tested during the run-through are timings, route markings, traffic management, security and the physical drop off or pick up of the torch as it swaps hands.

Local people are being encouraged to line the streets to provide an accurate atmosphere, while "inspirational" volunteers from the Royal College of the Blind, Loughborough, Leicester, De Montford and Northampton universities will be running as fake torchbearers, This Is Leicestershire says.

"Test events are vital as part of our operations in preparing for all of the events that are part of the 2012 Games," said London 2012 chair Lord Coe. "We are also looking forward to working with the 100 inspirational people who will play an essential role in helping us to test how we operate during the day."

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