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Olympic inspectors arrive in London

Members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have begun their penultimate inspection of various Olympic sites in London today.

The eagle-eyed committee are due to scrutinise every aspect of the London Olympics 2012 team's progress, from the completion of certain venues to minute security details.

Over the coming week, IOC members will visit the Olympic Stadium to view the recently completed track, as well as witness multiple test events in other venues. This includes a trip to an archery trial at Lord's Cricket Ground, reports the Press Association.

A series of other detailed meetings and presentations will be conducted for the last time before the team returns for a final appraisal next July in 2012.

Issues ranging from secure cash collections, to public safety and accommodation will all be certainly high on the agenda. Even the difficult subject of drug taking at the games has been considered by organisers, as the Mail Online reveals that domestic staff have been trained to spot signs of doping amongst athletes.

Olympic organisers will also be under the spotlight of the International Association of Athletics Federation this week. Its members are also inspecting venues as part of London's bid to host the World Athletics championships in 2017.

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