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Old Trafford trials Olympic 2012-level security measures

Manchester United's Old Trafford stadium was the testing ground for Olympic 2012-level security searches over the weekend.

The Premier League leaders hosted West Bromwich Albion and won 2-0, but fans turning up to cheer on the two teams had to arrive early for the game in order to submit themselves to the enhanced checks, reported BBC News.

Old Trafford is one of the stadiums due to host several of the Olympic Games' football matches, with similar tests set to take place at other grounds involved in the showpiece sports event this summer.

The enhanced security measures saw fans undergo body searches from club stewards, as well as being obliged to empty the contents of their pockets into clear plastic bags.

Reactions to the exercise were mixed, with one purported attendee offering a relatively negative view of the process. In response to a call for feedback on the checks from the Messenger, a reader claimed that queues initially stretched all the way through the car parks at the ground.

The fan, known online only as cskell, went on to describe how officials ran out of plastic bags at one point and "panicked" because they were not sure if they could get attendees into the stadium before kick-off. As a result, it was claimed that security measures were eventually dropped and people were simply ushered to their seats.

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