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Official Olympics guide launched

The much-anticipated Olympics 2012 guide for businesses has now been officially launched; potentially to the delight of organisations in London and around the UK.

According to HR Magazine, the guide was created by the Civil Contingencies Secretariat and many government departments.

They worked with bodies like the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), Greater London Authority (GLA) and the London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) to develop an effective, useful publication for businesses.

It explains some of the predicted challenges businesses will face during the 2012 Games across areas like "staffing, internet and home-working, telecoms, energy and water supplies...and travel disruption".

The guide could go some way in reassuring companies how they can help avoid these areas being disrupted.

It also issues some advice on how companies can stay safe throughout the busy period. It suggested "ensuring you have robust business continuity and resilience plans and IT security measures in place."

What's more, the guide urged companies to "plan ahead" if they require "security personnel" for the event, or perhaps if they want to procure secure cash collection services for the event.

Liaising with the local police force for any "general advice" was the final suggestion, as this can throw up useful information like "local road closures" or "crime prevention" strategies.

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