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Number of security guards at the Olympics to double

A new report has shown that the number of security guards being used for the Olympics 2012 is set to soar.

Originally, the games were said to require the service of 10,000 security guards, a number that has been revised up to 23,700, BBC News reports.

Security guards present at the games look set to feature a mixture of professional guards, military service personnel and LOCOG volunteers.

Not only is the Olympic Committee investing in more guards, but also more top-of-the-range search and screening equipment - although it has claimed that the extra investment is not down to any specific threats posed to the event itself.

The announcement comes at the same time that LOCOG confirmed it is to plough further funding into the ceremonies; with an added £41 million boost in order to get the most out of the heightened publicity London and the rest of the UK will have.

Speaking to about the extra allocations, the minister for Sport and the Olympics, Hugh Robertson, explained: "The Government and LOCOG have now undertaken detailed analysis of the numbers of security staff required to protect the more than 100 Olympic venues.

"As a result, to ensure a safe and secure games, they have revised the numbers of trained staff required. We are therefore investing additional funds in providing nearly 24,000 venue security personnel plus specialist security equipment."

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