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New polymer £5 arrives on the 13th of September

From the 13th of September plastic banknotes made of polymer will be introduced in Britain.

The Bank of England recommends that everybody handling cash has familiarised themselves with the security features on the new notes before they come into circulation later this month.

New Polymer £5 Note

A handy app which details the security features for the new polymer £5 is available from the App Store or Google Play - search for 'Bank of England Banknotes'.

Additionally, the Bank of England has made available a half hour course for free - at the end of which is a short quiz so users can test their knowledge on spotting fake notes.

The polymer £5 notes with Sir Winston Churchill will start to appear in pockets from the 13th onwards and it will replace the current paper ones with Elizabeth Fry on them.

The paper banknotes will not be withdrawn until May 2017 and it means that both £5 notes can be accepted until then. After May 2017, the paper notes can be exchanged with the Bank of England directly at any time.

Summer 2017 is the tentative date for the new £10 notes, featuring Jane Austen; and the polymer £20 with JMW Turner on the back is expected to be issued before 2020. At this point there is no date or plan to introduce a polymer £50.

Further details on the new £5 note can be found at although this now redirects to 

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