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New £50 notes carry enhanced security

New £50 notes released this week will be harder than ever to forge, the Bank of England has said.

Enhanced security features embedded into the notes, particularly a green "motion thread," will make the notes easier to recognise but harder to replicate, reports Sky News.

Businesses and cash processing providers are being advised to look out for five 'windows' on the note that feature the pound symbol, as well as the number 50 which will move up and down as the note is moved side to side. This unique design, unlike other notes, has been woven into the the note rather than printed onto it.

In addition, the new £50 will feature the images of 18th century business partners, entrepreneur Matthew Boulton and engineer James Watt, adds

Speaking of the significance of the pair, Bank of England governor Mervyn King said: "Boulton and Watt's steam engines and their many other innovations were essential factors in the nation's industrial revolution.

"The partnership of an innovator and an entrepreneur created exactly the kind of commercial success that we will need in this country as we rebalance our economy over the years ahead."

Older style notes, that have been changing hands for 17 years now, will still be accepted as legal tender alongside the new notes. There will be at least three months notice period before their full withdrawal, said the Bank of England.

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