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More fake £20 notes spread in Plymouth

After hearing reports of counterfeit £20 notes making their way around Plymouth, police have called on small businesses to thoroughly check the currency that passes through their counters.

Officers say small traders and off licenses have been targeted by criminals, who are currently circulating the area; distributing their latest batch of fakes. says the notes in question are high-quality copies and that shop owners are unlikely to tell the difference without using specialist equipment. Basic advice proposing that shop owners leave small pen marks on the notes has been issued - but businesses might want to invest in advanced cash management services too, to help ensure they're not caught out.

Cited by, a spokesman for the police said there's evidence of the notes having been used in a wide range of transactions - from online supermarket shops to fish suppers - so every single retailer around the area must be vigilant.

"We recognise this is an ongoing problem for shop owners and we will do as much as we can to help," the statement read. "In recent days counterfeit cash has been used to pay for home delivery shopping, to purchase items in local convenience stores and at a fish and chip shop amongst others."

The latest set of warnings arrive a week after police seized a large amount of notes from independent retailers around the city.

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