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Merseyside sees welcome drop in CIT robberies

The number of Christmas cash-in-transit robberies in the Merseyside area have dropped, new figures show.

A crackdown on crooks who target security vehicles carrying cash and deposits has seen the robberies plummet by two-thirds over the festive season.

There were just three cash in transit robberies across Merseyside in December 2011, compared to nine in December 2010.

Police worked in conjunction with cash in transit providers to provide covert patrols, high visibility officers and even air support in the region-wide campaign.

As well as a hefty police presence, the industry has made good use of technologies including dyes and taggants that render the cash useless if the box is opened.

Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Richardson said: "We will continue to work hard with our partners and other forces to prevent criminals making the lives of people in the security and commercial industries a misery.”

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