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Man jailed for a year for using counterfeit cash

A man has been jailed for a year after being found guilty of possessing and trying to use counterfeit currency, reports.

Lee Taylor, 32, was arrested on suspicion of possessing fake £20 notes after trying to pass them off as genuine in a newsagent.

His plan to pass the cash off as genuine failed, however, when shopkeepers noted the poor-quality forgeries he was trying to use.

Taylor lived in Leicester but was summonsed before Bristol Crown Court after having been arrested for trying to use the forgeries in Weston-Super Mare. In order to arrive promptly for his hearing, Taylor made the 126-mile journey the day before and spend the night on the street.

He did go on to arrive in court on time but it did little to lessen his sentence, being handed a 12-month jail term by Judge Simon Darwall-Smith.

At court, Taylor pleaded guilty to possessing and trying to distribute five faked £20 notes, after claiming he bought them off a man in a pub for £35. Only four were recovered, however, meaning that one may have been used successfully; prompting businesses in the area to consider their cash management services to better protect themselves in future.

Sentencing, Judge Darwall-Smith said: "However crude a forged note appears to be it is a serious offence because it dilutes the legal tender and is an offence against the country rather than an individual," reports.

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