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Man jailed after being found with counterfeit cash

A man has been jailed after he was found to be in possession of counterfeit notes whilst on a trip to Alton Towers theme park, in Staffordshire. reports that John Rees (from Farmfield Drive, Preston) was handed 14 months in jail as punishment for the offence.

On April 17th 2012, Rees used counterfeit £20 notes at a local shop, before being found with hundreds of pounds worth of fake notes at the theme park.

Both businesses promptly contacted the local police force, which found Rees during his trip to the park and arrested him. In total, he had 19 fake £20 notes in his possession.

The incident may encourage other local businesses to re-assess the efficiency of their cash processing procedures, as such processes can help them identify any counterfeit cash.

During his hearing, 30-year-old Rees claimed that he was given the notes by someone who had bought his quad bike from him. However the judge in session, Paul Glenn, disagreed. he suggested that Rees "must have known" the notes were counterfeit when he tried to use them.

The news comes not long after police in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, urged all local businesses to be extra vigilant about counterfeit cash this Christmas - although this is advice companies throughout the UK as a whole would do well to take on board.

According to, retailers should be on the look out for notes that have no clear watermarks, a broken security thread or a 'waxy, shiny' feel to them, as these may be counterfeit.

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