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Man found guilty of £20,000 cash in transit raid

A 24-year old Leicester man has been found guilty of taking part in a cash in transit raid, reports.

Isaac McNaul along with co-accused Ashley Charles, also 24, attended Leicester Crown Court, where he was found guilty of robbing the van and making off with £20,000 in cash.

Charles, meanwhile, was acquitted by the jury of any involvement in the raid, but was found guilty of a similar robbery at a cashpoint just a few days earlier. A third man, Mark Mansfield, was accused of possessing criminal property from the raids to the value of £40. He denied the charge and was later acquitted.

The robbery took place outside a building society in Antsey during May last year. Two raiders lay in wait inside an Audi driven by a third man, before pouncing on the guards once they exited their van to deliver a cash box. The two crooks were wearing gloves and had their faces covered by masks. One was carrying a hammer, whilst the other wielded a screwdriver.

During the case, a statement was produced which had been written by one of the guards targeted during the robbery. It explained: "I felt frightened. I had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach because I knew what was going to happen. The whole incident has left me shaken and angry."

McNaul and Charles will return to court on 10 August for sentencing, reports.

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