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Man charged following thwarted daylight cash van robbery

A man has been charged with the attempted robbery of a security cash van which took place earlier this week in broad daylight, reports.

30-year old Darryl Anthony Gooding, from Hammersmith in west London, appeared before magistrates in Guildford, where he was also accused of being in possession of an offensive weapon, burglary, theft of a vehicle and dangerous driving.

The incident occurred at The Square in Lightwater, astonishingly at 10am when the area was busy. The security van driver was walking towards the local branch of Barclays Bank, unaware that he had been observed. Fortunately, a member of the public altered the driver to the fact that a masked man was approaching him, brandishing a hammer.

Gooding, realising his plan had been foiled, drove off recklessly in a BMW that he had stolen a few weeks earlier from a property in Maidenhead, from which he had stolen other items also.

Fortunately, cash in transit vans are not only armoured but equipped with alarms, cameras and other innovative deterrents - so those who attempt such a crime are very unlikely to get away with it.

Police officers from CID, the Targeted Patrol Team and the Safer Neighbourhood Team used a helicopter to locate the would-be assailant at Ashtead hospital and make an arrest, writes

Gooding has been remanded in custody to await sentencing at Guildford Crown Court on 9 May.

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