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Majority think Olympics has cost taxpayers "too much"

A poll by BBC Radio 5 Live has revealed that 64 per cent of the public believe the London Olympics 2012 has cost the taxpayer too much money.

Almost two-thirds of those questioned believed the public had been asked to cover too much of the costs, reports.

Unsurprisingly, the regional break-down demonstrated that those living further away from London felt this most strongly.

69 per cent in Scotland held this view, compared with 63 per cent in the South East.

However, the result has been dismissed by Jeremy Hunt (the culture, Olympics, media and sport secretary) on grounds of timing. He believed that posing the same question after the event would yield a far different response:

"The time to ask whether it's been worth it all is after the event," he said, "when people can look at this amazing summer that we're going to have."

Additionally, heavy investment has gone into ensuring the Games will go ahead as safely as possible. Much money has been spent testing emergency plans and obtaining security staff to man the events venues, helping spectators to enjoy the Games without disruption.

The news comes on the day that marks 100 days to go until the opening ceremony. Today (April 18th), Sebastian Coe unveiled the Games' motto - which is 'Inspire a Generation', according to

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