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Loomis UK introduces new uniforms

With effect from 27th November 2017, all Loomis crew in the UK will wear an updated uniform.

This change follows a comprehensive review of existing uniforms which looked at style, fabric, durability, fit, and functionality. 

The new uniform includes a revised helmet which is now black in colour and updated body armour which is lighter but offers greater protection. All other uniform components get an update too - benefiting from advancements made in performance clothing.

New Loomis uniform

Geoff Allen, Loomis Business Support Manager and Project Lead said, “While cost is always a consideration in business - being tasked and fully supported by the executive team to find the best supplier with the best available garments for our staff in each of our operational area’s meant this project was extremely satisfying to lead.”

“I am very pleased with the outcomes which I believe speak for themselves. I would like to give my thanks to all those members of staff who participated in the trial - and selection process”.

Important Customer Note
While the uniform has changed, our procedures remain the same - customers should ensure that they always review the credentials of every Loomis employee who attends their site. 

Prior to starting any service, a Loomis crew person must verify their identity by presenting both their Authorised Collectors Card and Loomis ID - these will be clearly visible on their body armour and customers should always check them.

If you are suspicious of the identity of any Loomis crew person, then please DO NOT HAND OVER ANY MONIES

For verification of the crew person’s identity, you should telephone your servicing Loomis branch or 0844 994 1534 - a genuine crew person will understand and welcome your diligence.

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