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Loomis custodian recognised by security industry

A Loomis custodian has received a special commendation by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) at the Association’s annual luncheon, which took place on the 16th July.

The awards aim to acknowledge the outstanding courage, initiative and composure exhibited by cash-in-transit couriers in the face of exceptional, challenging or dangerous situations.

In all there were three Special Awards for Outstanding Service and one Special Commendation, presented by Commander Steve Rodhouse, Commander for Gang and Organised Crime for the Metropolitan Police.

Loomis Cash In Transit

Robert Gilmour of Loomis UK Ltd was amongst the six cash-in-transit couriers that were recognised.

James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA, commented; “The hard work and invaluable contributions of cash-in-transit couriers can sometimes be overlooked, but it is extremely important to remember that they provide an essential public service, and as a result, can be faced with life-threatening situations.

“This year’s award winners have all been confronted by extraordinary circumstances where their welfare has been compromised, yet remained calm and professional throughout the whole ordeal. They truly deserve their awards and we are so pleased to have people like them working within our industry.”

Robert, who received the Special Commendation, was carrying out an ATM Replenishment Service on a machine situated inside a supermarket store. He was on his third walk into the store carrying a box that contained a large amount of cash when he was violently attacked by a robber wielding an axe who viciously struck him about the head, neck and upper body.

Despite his best efforts, the attacker was able to retrieve the box from Robert and run from the store.

However, luckily, the automatic doors at the store prevented the robber from making a quick getaway and Robert was able to grab hold of the attacker and the cash box. With the help of members of the public and a store guard, the attacker was overpowered and restrained until the Police arrived and made an arrest. Robert displayed enormous courage throughout the ordeal, helping to stop the robber from getting away, despite his own injuries.

Speaking modestly about his achievement Robert commented: “I am honoured to be put forward for this award. I do realise the risk that is out there when servicing the customers but this is the industry we work in. I was only doing my job.”

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