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London praised for 'blueprint' Olympic legacy

The head of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Jacques Rogges has praised the London Olympics 2012 as a "blueprint" for developing a lasting Games legacy, according to

Mr Rogges was in Downing Street, discussing preparations for the sporting event with prime minister David Cameron, the last inspection that will take place before the opening ceremony in July.

Impressed by the long-term plans, Mr Rogges told a press conference: "London has raised the bar on how to deliver a lasting legacy."

"We can see already the tangible results in the remarkable regeneration of East London. This great historical city has created a legacy blueprint for future Games hosts."

The prime minister promised that the London Olympics will be "the greatest show on earth" and emphasised the measures taken to improve health, sport, culture and the economy in the UK following the Games, Mail Online writes.

Among these successes, Mr Cameron highlighted the School Games initiative, in which over 1,600 school children will take part in a 'multi-sport competition', with finals held at the Olympic Park in May. The prime minister also mentioned the 7,000 volunteers who were giving up their time.

As the visit concluded, Mr Rogges made a final comment on the level of London's preparedness: "we are happy at the IOC."

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