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Judge in counterfeit case highlights need for punishment

A judge has stressed the importance of counterfeiting crimes being punished, after sending a 24-year-old to jail at Derby Crown Court.

According to, Judge John Wait described how such offences must be dealt with "seriously" in order to protect overall public confidence in British currency.

He made his comments after handing a one-year prison sentence to Derby resident Alistair Kay, who tried to buy a PlayStation console using £520 of fake notes at an Argos store on London Road. While the shop's cash management services could have caught the forgery, in this case a shop assistant noticed and contacted their manager.

Describing Mr Kay's crime, Judge Wait said: "I accept you were the stupid, dishonest man at the end of the chain. You were going to be used for probably a small reward and being at risk. The real rewards are enjoyed by those who made the currency further up the chain."

While he will now spend the next year in jail for his part in this forgery case, a similar situation at Liverpool Crown Court saw a 35-year-old walk free, reported

Anthony Horgan of Hounslow, Middlesex convinced a jury that he was not part of a £600,000 counterfeiting operation in Seaforth. He is a drug addict and said that he stayed at the flat just to have a roof over his head.

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