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Jailed after conning local pub with counterfeit money

A customer who exchanged over £500 worth of counterfeit notes at a pub in one evening, has been jailed for 21 months.

Charles Wallis offloaded 26 fake £20 bills at The Phantom in Loughborough last year and walked away with hundreds of pounds in change. It was only when staff cashed up at the end of the evening that they realised what had occurred.

However, report that Mr. Wallis somewhat foolishly attempted to dupe the same pub with some more counterfeit notes just a few days later and was caught out by staff.

Although the 26-year-old was eventually brought to justice, the story should alert businesses to the importance of being aware during the collection of cash.

Leicester Crown Court heard that Wallis had initially been fooled into taking the money himself and was simply trying to earn back the money that he had lost.

Sentencing, Judge Philip Head told him: "Being in possession of, and seeking to pass on, counterfeit notes is serious. The notes were foisted on to you and your solution was to foist them on to someone else. It's serious because if we can't trust the money in our hands it undermines the monetary system." report that Wallis also pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis. Police found the illegal drug at his home whilst searching for counterfeit money.

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