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Jail for bungling cash in transit robber

A bungling 25-year-old thief has been jailed for his part in a cash in transit robbery.

Baffour Amponsah, of Reigate Road, Grove Park, London was involved in the raid on a worker who was delivering cash to a Lloyds TSB bank in Southwark Park Road, Southwark, on January 16 2011.

He and his accomplices drove to Watergate Street, Deptford.

But when they forced open the cash box, it activated the security glue/dye inside, rendering their haul worthless.

Plain-clothes police officers then swooped on the men, who attempted to escape but were detained at the scene.

Amponsah pleaded guilty to robbery at the Old Bailey and was sentenced to four years and two months imprisonment.

Detective Superintendent Nick Stevens, from the Flying Squad, said: "This is a fantastic result.

"The conviction should assist in deterring other criminals who think committing cash in transit robberies are a quick and easy way to get cash."

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