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Is cashing-up preventing you from cashing in?

Why waste time and resource on cash counting when SafePoint smart safes can do it for you?

As any leisure facility, hospitality venue or retailer knows, reconciling your takings at the end of each day is a prerequisite and ensuring it is done accurately is vital. This, however, takes both time and resource.

Firstly you need staff you can rely on – both in terms of trust and accuracy. Shrinkage has long been a concern in all industries and with any establishment that deals with over-the-counter cash payments, monies lost by either mistake or ill intent needs to be minimised.

Secondly, even once you have staff members you can rely on, cash will need to be counted carefully and this takes time and concentration. Often cash needs to be counted by more than one member of staff. Counting twice by two individuals ensures any mistakes are identified and rectified however, having staff members count cash each day is not the best use of your team members who are a valuable and expensive resource, this is especially true if staff need to stay behind to cash-up and your business incurs overtime costs.

Thirdly, how well trained can any human being be in the detection of fraudulent bank notes or coins? Detecting counterfeit money is not easy as it used to be. It’s no longer easy to identify a duff note by simply holding it up to the light and checking the hologram. If checking high value notes is a policy at your point of sale (which it always should be), checking notes thoroughly can be awkward, embarrassing and lead to difficult customer relations – particularly if a sales person needs to call over a colleague to double check. 

So what’s the alternative?

Enter the SafePoint range of intelligent smart safes.

With Loomis smart safes our technology does the counting and the cashing up for you, so you don’t have to.

In some larger venues, shops and hospitality establishments up to 28 hours a week can be spent counting! This is a huge chunk of time that could be much better spent selling products, liaising with customers, replenishing stock, or just on the shop or venue floor. 

Our smart safes can count money at a rate that just isn’t humanly possible. SafePoint safes can count and deposit 300 notes per minute! Based on average note values for retail this equates to around £4,500 reconciled every 60 seconds. What’s more, the notes are not just counted, they  are also checked for fraud and validated.

SafePoint safes come in a variety of sizes with a range of capabilities including 24/7 deposit visibility, fund indemnity and same day deposit for certain bank service providers.

Ultimately relying on physical cash counting by staff could be costing you dearly. Loss, shrinkage, wasted time and resource, overtime payments and also unknowingly accepting counterfeit tender could all have an impact on your bottom line. And, if you are one of  those businesses still walking your takings to the bank, there is even more risk and more lost productivity. Maybe it’s time to consider a smarter solution?

Discover more about our smart safe range and see the difference it could make to your daily cashing up processes today.




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