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Hunt is on for 'fake cash' shopper

Police in Bradford are on the hunt for a man who attempted to make a purchase in Bradford using counterfeit cash.

According to, the man tried to use the money at a newsagents on May 9th. He had several fake £20 notes in his possession, which he tried to hand over to the newsagents' staff.

Now, he is the subject of a rigorous police hunt.

Footage from the shop's CCTV camera shows that the man pulled up (as a passenger) in a Nissan Micra, which was a dark green colour. Anyone who recognises these details should contact the police immediately and the hunt should encourage other businesses in the area to review their cash procedures - as these can help weed out any counterfeit cash unwittingly taken.

Plus, staff shouldn't necessarily be blamed for unknowingly accepting such money - as Gloucestershire's crime reduction advisor, Dave McFarlane, recently said that they can look quite authentic.

"Fake notes can be very convincing, but there is always some flaw that the counterfeiters cannot produce, usually in the watermark," he warned.

The news comes after a man was arrested in Cheltenham on suspected counterfeit currency offences, reports. The 27-year-old was arrested in relation to several instances of fake £10 being used in shops throughout the area. For now, he is in police custody.

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