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Howden police meeting with bank staff

Members of the Howden police force have been attending meetings with staff from local banks in a bid to educate them about counterfeit cash.

The policemen and women were encouraged to set up the meetings after finding that many counterfeit notes had been discovered in the local area. These were mostly £20, £10 and £5 notes, reports.

In addition to speaking with bank staff, the police held a presentation in the town's Shire Hall, which it hosted with the help of representatives from the HSBC bank.

The force has also warned local shoppers and owners of stores to be on the lookout for such cash. The latter may even want to set up a regular, secure collection of cash from a cash management specialist; as they are usually trained in spotting counterfeit monies. The East Yorkshire isn't the only place in the UK to have been hit by fake cash though, as there have been several reports lately of similar events.

In fact only last week, a man who tried to use counterfeit notes during September 2011 was tried in court for his crimes. According to, the Uxbridge resident - named Vincent Daly - pleaded guilty to attempting to pass off counterfeit cash as real notes. He was handed a 12-month suspended prison sentence, as well as a curfew. .

What's more, a Glaswegian man is facing a stretch in prison after having been caught creating almost £30,000 in counterfeit notes. He is expecting a "substantial custodial sentence", confirmed.

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