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Holiday-goers urged to check for fake euros

Those travelling abroad over the Christmas holidays have been warned to check their foreign currency for counterfeits.

A report from local newspaper Worcester News has revealed that there appears to be counterfeit 50-euro notes in circulation across the UK.

Local businessman Steve Wood went to the newspaper after being handed two fake 50-euro notes by his local bureau de change. He only discovered that the money handed to him was counterfeit after a call from his wife, who was trying to use the money he withdrew on holiday in Germany.

Nevertheless, the news might remind bureau de change businesses of the importance of using top quality companies to handle the processing and collection of cash; not least to mitigate any damage to reputation.

Speaking to, Mr Wood urged others not to leave the bureau de change without checking the money first.

He said: "I travel a lot. I travel in my job all over Europe and I'm flabbergasted that you can go to a bureau de change and get fake money. My partner was made to feel like a criminal. I feel disappointed, but I can't prove the money came from there. If that had been my holiday money I would have been stuck." also noted that 50-euro notes are by far the most common denomination for counterfeiting.

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