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High street stores plead for relaxed trading times on December 23

Relaxing trading laws on December 23 could give a number of high-street stores a financial boost in the run-up to Christmas and has been advocated by Tesco, Topshop and Sainsbury's.

Reported by, a number of brands believe 'ridiculous' Sunday trading hours on Sunday December 23 would cause high street carnage for consumers, especially as many leave their Christmas shopping until the last minute.

By relaxing the hours, stores will be less packed and a more pleasant shopping experience will be offered to customers, explained the firms to

Calmer stores may also allow companies to complete cash collections and replenish stock easier in the run-up to the big day.

A spokesman for Tesco commented on the potential change in hours: "We know our customers appreciated the extra flexibility on a Sunday around the Olympics and would not be opposed to seeing this repeated, for example around Christmas."

In addition, Sir Philip Green added: "Extended trading in this instance would give a welcome boost to our high street retailers immediately prior to the biggest gift-giving day of the year."

A spokesman for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said that the government will not be giving in to the retailer's pleas, but there is still time for U-turn from the government in the weeks to come.

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