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'Harebrained' fake £20 scam ends with community service

Two men involved in a counterfeit cash scam have been sentenced to community service, according to

Trainee soldier, Satinder Sing Malhi and Glenn Douglas were found guilty of using fake £20 notes around Selkirk last year.

Malhi had used a substantial number of the notes in a nightclub and a bar in Galasheils, while Douglas admitted to producing the notes and passing them on to Malhi for use.

Deputy procurator fiscal Tessa Bradley told the court: "On April 30, they met up and Douglas handed Malhi a bundle of counterfeit notes. It was only when the bar money was totalled at the end of the night that the counterfeit note was noticed."

Suspicion was aroused as Malhi was the only non-regular to drink in the bar that night, reports. Rather than get the police involved, Malhi attempted to pay the businesses back personally. His solicitor described the offences as "utterly harebrained".

The notes were of poor quality, having been created from scanned, real £20 notes that were printed on to A4 paper and cut out. These should have been easy to spot immediately. Businesses should therefore carry out checks on large denominations, perhaps obtaining further protection by utilising the vast range of devices now available to validate cash - such as the Loomis SafePoint i-deposit.

Malhi was ordered to complete 72 hour of unpaid community work plus a fine of £360 and £240 compensation, while Glenn was sentenced to 120 hours.

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