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Happy Birthday SafePoint

At last year’s Convenience Retailing Show Loomis launched its groundbreaking SafePoint i-deposit, which won best new product beating of competition from more than 70 rival new products.

This year the show, now renamed the National Convenience Show, has just finished at the NEC and while the best new product mantle may have been passed on, the Loomis SafePoint i-deposit continues to go from strength to strength with units now installed with live customers across the sectors – from petrol forecourts to restaurants as well as convenience stores.

The benefits are proving huge from improved efficiencies instore, to better security of cash and reduced risk for both staff and customers alike – particularly in more vulnerable locations.

“Generally customers want a solution to help better protect the volumes of cash they have onsite,” says Dale Marriott, Loomis' National Sales Manager.

“Their money is banked in a safe and they save money on cashiers and counting whilst also having remote visibilility of how much money they have at any one time”, Marriott continues.

The concept is simple – staff simply deposit cash from their tills into the SafePoint i-deposit which automatically counts and records the cash, which can be made visible to remote managers too. This not only eliminates the risk of mistakes and possible theft but frees up staff time for more critical tasks – such as offering better service to customers front of store.

And the ease of use means that many SafePoint i-deposit customers are as a result improving their own practices instore.

“Not only does the i-deposit unit make it safer and quicker but because it is now so easy to do we are finding that our customers are naturally skimming tills more than they ever did do previously. With less cash in their tills both such retailers further reduce the risk of potential till snatches,” says Rebecca Bird, Product Marketing Manager at Loomis.

And although it may be a year since the launch Rebecca says the SafePoint i-deposit is just the beginning of Loomis’ plans.

“The i-deposit is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming up,” she says

SafePoint ideposit celebrates a year since launch

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