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Green coins - sustainable currency for the future

A coin which uses fewer raw materials and is more environmentally friendly to produce was unveiled at the World Money Fair in Berlin last weekend.

Backers of the idea, United Future World Currency project (UFWC), hope the coin will make governments take notice of the green efforts of the metals industry and the need to produce sustainable coinage.

The coin, which UFWC claim is the first-ever one ounce silver one produced, has been made entirely from recycled silver by Cookson Precious Metals. According to UFWC figures the amount of energy saved by using recycled metals in the coin making process is huge.

By using recycled aluminium instead of virgin ore saves up to 92% of energy and 90% saving for copper, with recycled steel offering a much smaller, but still impressive 56% cut.

The prototype coin has been struck at Britain's Royal Mint with the same dimensions as the "Britannia" bullion silver coin.

UFWC founder and director, Dr Sandro Sasoli, said: "As we are looking for this unit to be a future world currency, it is only fitting that we utilise the world's present resources and not deplete our future reserves which rightly belong to future generations

"While the world is looking to save our resources for our children and their children, the catchphrase in the coming years will be: re-use, re-cycle, re-claim... it's in all of our best interest."

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