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Government confirms temporary expansion of Sunday trading hours

The government has confirmed that it is to lift Sunday trading restrictions during the Olympic Games period, reports.

The ruling - which means shops can open beyond their current 10am - 6pm parameters - could see businesses have to change the ways in which they organise critical operational procedures, such as deliveries and cash collections.

However, business minister Mark Prisk has asserted that the suspension of Sunday trading restrictions is temporary and that it will not be "a test case for a permanent relaxation of the rules in the future".

The suspension will last for eight consecutive Sundays from July 22nd - September 9th; applying to businesses in England and Wales only, says

Government ministers proposed the change in March's budget, as they believe it will allow large retailers (those with a floor area of over 280 square metres) to take advantage of the increased footfall expected during the games.

Mr Prisk says that the trading hours suspension is "fantastic opportunity" for parts of the nation to provide a "boost for the economy, sales and employment".

He added: "Retail workers will keep all their legal protections, such as the right to opt out of Sunday working, but many will want to take the opportunity to work extra or different hours. I want employers to work with their staff so that we can all make the most of the Olympics."

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