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Gloucestershire businesses told to be 'on guard' after sightings of fake notes

Gloucestershire police force is currently urging local business to be vigilant following reports that counterfeit £20 notes are being spread around the county. claims a number people have reported incidents of fake notes being passed around, with shops in Cheltenham and Dursley among the known targets.

Store owners around the two towns are said to have received fake £20 notes which had been used to purchase items. As the police now goes about limiting the damage caused, businesses around Gloucestershire are being advised to thoroughly check the quality of each note to ensure its authenticity. says officers have urged stores to take as much time as they need to check currency passing through their tills, recommending a close look at security features like the watermark and silver tip. 

Crime reduction advisor for the county, Dave McFarlane continues: "Fake notes can be very convincing but there is always some flaw that the counterfeiters cannot produce, usually in the watermark, so to protect yourself ... take a closer look at your cash."

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