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Fylde Council funds scheme to combat counterfeit money use

A new scheme funded by Fylde Council is aimed at reducing the impact of counterfeit money in local towns.

The local authority's Community Safety programme spent £4,000 of its budget on buying a series of radios, reports, so businesses in Kirkham and Wesham can get in touch with each other and the police if they notice any problems.

By being able to communicate with each other quickly and easily, businesses will be able share suspicious activity.

Sergeant Niamh O'Donoghue, from the Kirkham neighbourhood police team, said: "Kirkham and Wesham are both safe places to go shopping."

"However, over the years businesses have been targeted by local criminals and those who have travelled in to the area to commit offences, including using counterfeit notes, purse dipping and various scams aimed at confusing shop assistants so that they hand over cash."

In order to afford the radios, £1,000 was donated by the crime charity LANPAC, while the Kirkham and Wesham Business Group has agreed to pay for the annual licences.

The initiative has been championed by Fylde Council.

Speaking to, cabinet member for social wellbeing Councillor Cheryl Little suggested the system should give shopkeepers more confidence. She also pointed out that an overarching aim is to get the local economy to "flourish", which means deterring criminals from having a negative impact.

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