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Foiled 'underpants' counterfeit cash gang sentenced

A gang leader has been sentenced after being taken in with his underpants stuffed with counterfeit notes, reports the Grimsby Telegraph.

Alan Connor and his three accomplices from Grimsby all pleaded guilty to possession of a total of £2,000 of counterfeit cash in the seaside town of Bridlington.

Mr Connor and two others were given prison sentences, while the youngest member was ordered to carry out 70 hours of unpaid work - as well as abide by a curfew.

At Hull Crown Court, Judge Michael Mettyear highlighted how the four men's efforts to use fake money undermined confidence in currency, adding that it is smaller shopkeepers who tend to suffer for their behaviour.

Bridlington shopkeepers alerted police after noting the men's unusual behaviour and one spotted a forged note, which highlights the importance of stores having secure money checking procedures.

Judge Mettyear said: "This was joint criminal behaviour by the four of you who set out with the intention of making easy money. Fortunately, you did not have much success and it was not long before you were caught."

While Mr Connor and his gang may have operated in the north of England, the problem of counterfeit money affects all sorts of places, with Surbiton People this week reporting that businesses in Surbiton have been told to be on the look-out for fake cash.

The news provider revealed that several shops have been fooled by the counterfeit notes, with police keen to speak to a white male spotted wearing navy blue jeans, sports jacket and cap.

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