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Fake £1 coin trio charged

Three men have been charged in relation to a huge haul of counterfeit £1 coins that were discovered by police in Staffordshire, plus the machinery to stamp them, reports.

Marcus Glindon of Spalding, Gary Hart of Six Ashes and Robert Smith of Tipton were all arrested on 5 July when officers of the Staffordshire Police and the Counterfeiting Unit of the Serious and Organised Crime Agency raided an industrial unit in Wombourne, following extensive investigative work.

Inside, officers found thousands upon thousands of finished, embossed £1 coins, 'suspected' coin pressing equipment and other machinery. There were also large quantities of blank coins, apparently waiting to be stamped.

Following the successful raid, the men's addresses were also searched.

Detective Chief Inspector Alan Edwards, Head of Shropshire CID, told "The suspected counterfeit coins found are very high quality and would be extremely difficult to tell apart from a genuine £1 coin."

His words are a sage reminder to consumers and businesses to check their change properly or to use the services of a secure cash collection company, who could identify and report any forgeries.

The three men appeared before Telford Magistrates Court and were charged with conspiring to make counterfeit £1 coins. Smith and Hart were further charged with regard to possessing the tools and machinery to make forgeries.

The men have been remanded in custody awaiting sentencing; their case is due to be heard on 16 July.

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