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Fake notes circulating in Preston, police warn

Police officers are warning businesses in Preston to be "vigilant" after seizing a slew of fake bank notes in a popular bookmaker, reports.

The warning comes after a wad of fake £20 notes, totalling £300, were recovered by officers at the David Pluck bookmaker on Orchard Street.

Police believe that public transport companies, alongside betting shops, are most at risk of handling the notes - namely because they are most likely to handle large cash collections on a regular basis.

PC Russ Lamping said: "I would urge anybody that takes payment on a daily basis to be vigilant and to ensure they thoroughly check any £20 notes they are given. The fakes are very good quality but as with any fake notes have no metal strip through the middle and no watermark."

PC Lamping went on to describe that the best way to detect a fraudulent note is by using a special detector pen. He urged that business owners remain on guard and asked for all suspicious activity to be reported to the Lancashire Police on the "101" telephone number. additionally advises that ultra-violet (UV) lamps can be used to check the fluorescent features particular to the new-style £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes.

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