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Extra security for CIT over Christmas

Working in conjunction with the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), SaferCash and other partner agencies, the regional organised crime unit will be masterminding the operation for a second year following a 66% drop during last year’s operation.

Officers from Greater Manchester are working with Titan – the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit – in an effort to cut the number of attacks on security staff during Christmas and beyond.

Loomis escorted by armed police

Armed police will once more guard Manchester cash-in-transit vans as they carry extra cash over the festive period.

Furthermore, this year 24 criminals in the northwest have been jailed for over 150 years for their part in cash-in-transit robberies - failed or otherwise.

Titan’s campaign, will involve high-visibility and covert patrols on the ground and in the air to escort security vehicles as they carry out deliveries.

Other tactics will be used such as CCTV monitoring and cash containers being marked with SigNature DNA or dyes.

Detective Superintendent John Lyons, from Titan, said: “The north-west region has one of the largest organised crime groups outside of London.”

Loomis Cash Box

“Greater Manchester faces particular challenges when it comes to cash-in-transit robberies. We have criminals from the area that are operating in this way, as well as travelling criminals who are willing to come into the area to commit crime.”

“A combination of overt and covert tactics will by employed by GMP to put a stop to this. The message we want to give to these criminals is that if you get involved in cash-in-transit robberies, we will find you and we will lock you up. “

“These robberies don’t just affect the security staff who are targeted, they have a real impact on the people who witness the attacks, which can be brutal.”

Regional and national news will carry more on this over the coming weeks.

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