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Ensuring customers get the best value from SafePoint

Following the successful update of its SafePoint product range, Loomis has started working with customers to ensure they are leveraging the best solutions that the cash management specialist has to offer.

Users of the SafePoint solution have been offered the opportunity to review their current solution and compare it to the current versions.

A dedicated SafePoint team has been set up and has started working with interested customers to ensure that the installed units still meet their needs.

Loomis Head of Product Development Craig Sherriff said, “Our SafePoint customers have really come to appreciate the security, convenience, and peace of mind that the solution brings - especially when paired with our cash management services.”

“However, some of them were installed quite some time ago and those businesses have changed considerably since. What met their specific needs when they were installed may not be optimal now - or for the future!”

“We are currently working with our customers to assess their installed units and ensure that they still offer the appropriate levels of security and represent the best value that Loomis have to offer them. Of course, there have been significant technological developments in recent years, we recently launched a new version of our award-winning SafePoint i-Deposit intelligent safe and our customers are really engaged with the new systems.”

Loomis SafePoint

Building on the successes and learnings of the previous generation, the latest SafePoint i-Deposit is available in two capacities and can process banknotes at a jaw-dropping rate of 300 per minute.

Alongside the enhanced user interface and much improved note storage system, deposited banknotes are validated, counted, recorded and secured in an (upgraded) Grade IV safe – all while being fully indemnified by Loomis.

The Loomis SafePoint team can help in a number of ways

  • Establish if a safe's grade is adequate for the usual cash value
  • Confirm customers are getting the best value solution Loomis has to offer
  • Assist with any repairs if the warranty has expired

The team are available on a dedicated number 01582 887 944 and are actively contacting customers over the coming months.

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