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Don't believe the hype, the Conservative party urges

The Prime Minister will this week declare that the British economy is back on track - with David Cameron set to talk of its "sustainable recovery".

That's according to a report from and comments made by Philip Hammond, the Secretary for Defence. He claimed that actually, any figures suggesting that the economy is on the downturn are wrong.

"You won't find anybody, hardly anybody in the business community or in the financial community, who thinks that the economy is doing right now what the data tell us it is doing," he proclaimed, cited by "There is a mood that the economy is healing."

In fact, he believes that if the Eurozone stabilizes over the next couple of years (not to mention the lasting financial contributions the Olympics 2012 brought), the UK economy should begin to settle down. "It won't be growth probably at the levels that we got used to in the last decade," Hammond admitted.

"... but I suspect it is not unreasonable for us to look for levels of growth that will look healthy by comparison with some of our economic competitors."

If Hammond's remarks and Cameron's upcoming comments are anything to go by, it seems Britain can at last sigh a breath of relief; with businesses feeling confident that the future looks bright.

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