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De-icer, scraper ... Special Services - is your event ready for Winter?

The long hazy days of summer may be behind us but there’s no denying that we’re now in the busiest time of year for lots of retail businesses and event organisers.

After all, autumn and winter bring with them not only Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Christmas and New Year, but also thousands of local seasonal events, throughout the duration of the six months, that keep us all busy and entertained.

From bonfires to fireworks displays, ice skating rinks, autumn fairs, and Christmas markets – there are a staggering number of opportunities to get out and experience something new, while spending quality time with our nearest and dearest.

Behind the scenes, all of these events have one thing in common – teams of dedicated individuals, who for a host of reasons wish to provide a truly outstanding experience for all of those who attend. Up and down the country, many months of planning and hard work will deliver events that collectively millions will attend and enjoy. That’s a lot of people … and a lot of money!

After all, those attendees not only choose to spend their leisure time at these events but also their hard earned money. And with that money come some rather unique challenges. It might be getting floats delivered to vendors, securing cash takings or getting it safely to the bank, from what, in some instances can literally be, the middle of a field.

That’s where the Special Services team at Loomis will be supporting every one of our customers with their individual cash management needs. Whether it is delivering floats or collecting takings at the agreed time - arriving at midnight when the event has finished or making multiple collections from the vendors at a small Christmas market.

The Loomis Special Service team ensure that every penny is safely transported to the bank. They treat each and every event as a unique challenge and the team organise thousands of collections or deliveries bespoke to that event’s location, timings, and very specific needs or requirements.

Furthermore, Loomis Special Services work with customers to develop a logistics solution that not only meets the organiser’s timings and desires, but one that also meets legislative requirements - while ensuring public safety and maximum cash security.

Of course, we all appreciate that anything from local traffic diversions to security intelligence can force impromptu changes but every one of Special Services’ customers trust and appreciate this flexible and dynamic approach that safeguards their cash – that’s just one of the reasons why they work with Loomis.

If you’d like to hear a few more reasons, or have an event coming up that you’d appreciate our unique support with, then why not contact the Loomis Special Services team or find out more.

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