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CVIT Best Practice Guidelines for Retail - Second edition available

The BRC has re-issued the Cash In Transit - Best Practice Guidelines and updated them to their second edition. These guidelines have been developed by members of the British Retail Consortium Cash and Valuables in Transit Working Group with the intention of providing helpful advice to retailers and others to reduce the risk of CVIT robbery.

In 2009, at a time that the number of ‘Cash and Valuables in Transit’ (CVIT) robberies was increasing, the BRC made available for retailers, the original "Cash In Transit - Best Practice Guidelines".

British Retail Consoritium

The BRC guidance provides a ‘checklist’ for retailers to assess their anti-robbery measures against. They cover areas including providing secure locations for cash transfers and vehicles, designing out across the pavement movements, refining security procedures and reducing the incentive for these robberies by preventing criminals spending dye-stained, stolen notes.

The document is endorsed by the Home Office, and whilst not one of its authors, they support the adoption of appropriate effective practice by retailers as is set out in this guide in order to reduce the risk of CVIT robbery in and around their premises.

There is a perceived illusion that a CVIT attack is somehow a ‘victimless’ crime. Nothing could be further from the truth. CVIT attacks often involve serious injuries to retail staff, customers and CVIT personnel. Almost all cause traumas to the people involved and it is certainly not unknown for staff to be taken hostage during the course of an armed raid.

The spread of the good practice ideas contained within these guidelines will continue to make a significant contribution to reducing the vulnerabilities of retailers to this costly, traumatic and often violent, crime.

The Working Group consists of senior security representatives from major retailers, the cash handling industry, Sa£erCash, Grapevine, the British Security Industry Association and the Metropolitan Police Service ‘Flying Squad’.

The British Retail Consortium fully supports the benefits that can be achieved by working in partnership with all key stakeholders engaged with cash and valuables in transit. It should be understood, that this document does not subtract from any contractual agreements between retailers and their cash in transit companies. It remains the primary responsibility of the cash in transit companies to further the work in the protection of their staff and others in the immediate vicinity of all their cash deliveries and collections. They also retain the lead to invest and find solutions to reduce criminal opportunity.

Since the publication of the BRC’s Best Practice Guidelines for Retailers in 2009 there has been a significant reduction in offences. When compared to 2009, attacks in 2010 are down by approximately 40 per cent.

Nevertheless with an average of around 60 offences a month there is a need for a continued collaborative approach. Retailers are encouraged to follow the best practice within this guidance to ensure that the number of offences continue to decline.

The document is available for download, please click here.

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