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Counterfeit note warning from Tayside Police

Tayside Police have issued a warning for shoppers and business owners to be on their guard after an upsurge in fake counterfeit Clydesdale bank £20 notes being used across the Angus and Tayside area.

They advise to be alert when receiving payment for goods or services.

Recent batches of notes seized by the police have revealed the following:

  • The notes appear to be exclusively Clydesdale Bank £20 notes; they are slightly smaller in height and length than a genuine £20 note and there is no woven foil security strip running down the note, simply a faint line trying to represent one.
  • When moved or tilted the large hologram will not produce a picture of Robert the Bruce, a rampant lion or a red number ‘20’.
  • The paper and print used for the notes is of a significantly poorer quality than that of genuine notes.

A genuine £20 note has numerous security features.

  • The paper should be crisp, not limp, waxy or shiny; the front of the note should have raised print along the numerical values on the top right and bottom left corners and The Clydesdale Bank name and the words ‘Twenty Pounds Sterling’. The silver security thread should appear dashed when the note is laid flat, when held up to the light it should be continuous from top to bottom. There should be a multi tonal watermark of Robert the Bruce when the note is held up to light.
  • If placed under an ultra-violet light you will see highlighted on the front of the note a large Clydesdale Bank logo, the vertical serial number and two five-line barcodes – one vertical and one horizontal.
  • There should be a large hologram on the front of the note, when viewed straight on a picture of Robert the Bruce should appear along with a red number ‘20’ and a blue rampant lion.
  • When tilted upwards the ‘20’ is highlighted, when tilted downwards the lion is highlighted. When tilted left to right a sword in the background will also move.

If you are presented with a fake £20 note please contact Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222, alternatively if a person is in the act of committing a crime dial 999 immediately.

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