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Counterfeit discovery leads to drug bust

A counterfeit cash discovery has led police to a £40 million drugs bust, BBC News reports.

Two cashiers at a Bureau de Change in Carlisle first raised the alarm when a group of men requested to change a large sum of cash into Euros.

Despite being of good quality, the notes were forgeries and the cashiers duly alerted the police.

The police investigation went on to find that the men had cannabis in their possession with a street value of £36,000 and were also linked to a large-scale operation bringing £40 million worth of Class A drugs such as cocaine into the UK from Spain.

In the resultant court case at Edinburgh High Court, the gang of five, from Annan, Gretna, Helensburgh and Clydebank, were found guilty and collectively sentenced to 43 years in prison.

Commending the women on their cash management skills, a Dumfries and Galloway police spokesperson told "Prior to the initial arrest and interview of the male in Carlisle, there was no intelligence or information held by the police or any partner agency with regard to the criminality involved."

Adding, the spokesperson suggested that without the womens "alertness and professionalism", the gang many not have been discovered "for some time, if at all."

The commendation came during an annual awards ceremony for the force which commends police operations, as well as the good deeds of the public which help along the way.

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